Founded in 1999 by a small group of people Fred kabogoza, James David and Bogere Ibrahim to service, the SODAC Foundation is a Seattle based nonprofit development agency that supports communities in becoming agents of change in their own social and economic development. We do this by establishing long-term partnerships with locally based educational initiatives in East African countries and around the world. Our main objectives are to provide quality education to all children, with a focus on raising the status of girls,boy, men and women.

The fundamental belief of the SODAC Foundation is that everyone, irrespective of race, religion, social classes, or economic systems deserves an education. Furthermore we believe that education is one of the main means of alleviating poverty and raising the status of women.
The Foundation seeks out projects that have started at the grassroots; have a track record of success, and are managed locally. SODAC then partners with these projects to help provide financial assistance, logistical and material resources, technical trainings, strategic consulting, and administrative support to help grow the capacity and capability of the organization. The foundation has supported over 25 districts   in Uganda than 15 different countries since 1998. In 2011 we will be reaching 40,000 children, women, and their families around the world.
Who is SODAC Foundation?
SODAC Foundation Believes
  • in the innate capability of everyone to lead themselves and their communities
  • in building capacity at the local level to help people help themselves
  • in building long-term partnerships
  • and in giving 100% of all contributions that are designated directly to the project(s) you choose to support

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